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* Engineering, IT, aerospace, space & defense, energy, health & welfare, scientific research, and education contracts

* Task-Order, Cost-Plus, Fixed Price, Time & Material, Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity, and Level of Effort types

* Multiple Award, General Services Administration, and Government-wide Acquisition Contracts

* Non-disclosure, Teaming, and Proprietary Information Agreements

* Liaison to customer Contracting Officers and Technical Representatives

* Managing contract funding, scope, period of performance, schedule, deliverables, performance, and modifications

* Handling requests for equitable adjustment, terminations and claims, and merger and acquisition activities

* Identifying critical issues, mitigating risks, and ensuring compliance with DCAA, FAR, CPSR, and ISO

* RFP and SOW development and issuance; bid response audit, price analyses and evaluation; and vendor selection

* Contract and Subcontract / Terms & Conditions Negotiation/Settlement-Mediation

* Electronic proposal, contract, task order, and procurement management systems

* Significant U.S. Government contracting and domestic and international projects

* Small Business Liaison providing staff training, developing small business plans, and ensuring achievement of goals


*Hands-on management of accounting, finance, budgeting and planning, variance analysis and corrective realignments

* Standardizing operations for compliance with CAS and GAAP

* Personnel management including developing recruiting plans, job descriptions and salary structure

* Performing interviews, training, supervision, evaluations, merit pool distribution, and project staff restructuring

* Company and Government Property and Equipment Management including parts, materials, hardware and software

* Facilities management including site selection, lease negotiation, and physical and infrastructure build of shell space

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