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ASCENSION Technical Services LLC is a business performance coaching and management consulting firm offering over 20 years of corporate, entrepreneurial, government, and non-profit experience. In working with leaders and teams, we provide a positive perspective that emphasizes strengths, performance, leadership, initiative, communication, and collaborative conflict resolution to maximize performance and increase productivity. Flexible out-of-the-box thinkers, we have been involved with successful change management, team building, and culture transformation activities. We are highly experienced with project and contract management and new business development, and maintain leading-edge knowledge through participation in the Project Management Institute and National Contract Management Association.

Leadership and Performance Coaching, Mediation and Conflict Resolution

Our team features advanced certified executive and personal coaches: Certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF), our coaching lead is also certified in executive and personal coach training through the College of Executive Coaching (CEC) ICF Accredited Coach Training Program in Arroyo Grande, California. We provide confidential coaching in accordance with ICF certification standards using a variety of skills and approaches to develop performance and strengthen leadership. We are certified in EQ-i 2.0 and EQ 360 and are Clifton StrengthsFinder and Meyers Briggs Type Indicator practitioners. Experienced in coordinating and delivering professional development training, we are also members of the Association for Talent Development and the Society for Human Resource Management. Working with managers and staff across generations, we are known for our engaging, warm, and supportive style and straight-forward communication. Our knowledge and skills include advanced coaching and leadership approaches for organizational development as well as individual professional and personal advancement, and encompass a variety of topics and applications. (For more details, click here.)

Conflict resolution and mediation are also among our core capabilities, where we serve as an impartial third-party facilitator of communication during negotiations between parties as well as part of official contract negotiations. Our lead Mediator holds membership in the Texas Association of Mediators, having completed conflict resolution and mediation certification training through the University of Houston Law Center in accordance with the requirements of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Act. We use various approaches and techniques to promote understanding and facilitate achievement of mutually acceptable resolutions, including transformational mediation. (For more details, click here.)

New Business and Proposal Development, Project and Contract Management

We offer multi-industry project management experience that includes hands-on performance with U.S. Government projects in excess of $1 billion. We are experienced managers with strong communication skills and the ability to establish priorities, with an excellent track record for successfully managing change and crisis situations. We combine our significant hands-on experience with project operations core competencies to offer an expanded range of management consulting services. (For more Project Management details, click here.)

Significant contract management and business operations experience includes full lifecycle contracts, procurement and supply chain management as well as managing subcontractors, consultants and vendors ranging from Fortune 100 companies to small businesses, and a secret security clearance eligible for reactivation. Our team includes MBAs with background in Accounting, Marketing, Industrial/Organizational Management, and Decision and Information Sciences, with experience leading accounting and finance as well as project human resource functions. (For more Contract and Financial Management details, click here.)

New business and proposal development experience includes proposals up to $500 million for aerospace and space and defense, U.S. Government contracts and non-profit academic research grants and educational programs. Our team offers finely-tuned skills acquired through proposal training group H. Silver, and work with consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton, NASA, U.S. Government contractors, and universities. We are adept with Past Performance, Management, Technical and Cost/Price volumes, color team reviews, detailed cost proposals, market research and price-to-win strategies. (For more Proposal Development details, click here.)

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